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Windows Automation Service is your complete solution for automating all your repetitive tasks. It has the ability to launch and use applications as if it were you yourself doing the work. It accomplishes this by sending real mouse clicks and keystrokes that were previously directed and recorded by you.

It can monitor and process your incoming emails or send email on your behalf, cutting your time spent organizing and communicating in half. It can manipulate files, create, copy, delete, rename, compress, read and write to them. It can also interact with Excel to read and write data to worksheets.

Windows Automation Service can also navigate to web sites; fill in web forms with your data and screen-scape web pages. Extract any kind of data and create all kind of reports. You can use it to migrate data from one application to another or even from one website to another. You can automate FTP transfers and talk to your databases.

You can instruct it to make decisions just as you would. It can handle unexpected situations by implementing actions prepared by you. If a task is not successfully completed it can send you an email. Gone is the worry about a mindless machine carrying out illogical actions or making errors should one step of the usual routine be off.

Windows Automation Service smartly uses your preferences and direction to ensure that all tasks and issues that come its way are dealt with exactly as you want them to be.

Windows Automation Service Introduction

Windows Automation Service includes numerous powerful features that make it the ideal tool for automating your repetitive tasks. The most important features are:

Main Capabilities