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MyDigiminds Builds and develops Lightweight Multilingual Web applications (in PHP, JavaScript and HTML) integrated with Google map with wide range of database support, based on relational database structure such as:

Maintenance System, Multi store Warehouse Inventory Control, Classified ads, Knowledge base, facilities, Job listings,Real estate, News,Cars, etc.

MyDigiminds builds a set of PHP pages to access and modifies any MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MS Access database. Using these PHP pages users can search, edit, delete, and add data into database.


Cars App is so simple and straightforward, is all about the basic. You can choose to search for cars within your provided area based on body style and price or make, category, color and model. Search results can include a lot more. Furthermore, guest users can search/view cars listings and send a quote request to a dealer/car owner.


Classified App is designed to build a classified ads website. Registered users can add and edit their own ads and includes a complete description, contact information, and a product photo. Guest users can search/view ads, contact ad author, and tell a friend about this ad. It is a great way to promote your product or service - virtually for free. It allows you to become a part of the online advertising opportunity simply by visiting the online classifieds websites and registering.


IEvent App can generate and manage an event that maintains your company's standards and branding. It offers multiple tools to help you streamline the event management process and generate reports. Efficiently can handle internal corporate events from small meetings to large training initiatives. It can  organize travel, catering, venues, audio-visual requirements, entertainment, schedules and more. It ensures consistent, professional events anywhere.


MyDigiminds offers a large number of application templates with complete graphical interface and database structure. All of the templates are completely customizable. The template could be used as a stand alone website, or could be integrated with other web applications. Some of the templates available are:


Jobs App provides guest users to search/view jobs and contact the company in regards to a specific open position.

It deals specifically with employment or careers. It is designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and are commonly known as job boards. Through a job website a prospective employee can upload or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position.

Knowledge Base

Allows customers easily find answers to their problems and search the knowledge base. It gives an easy way to add information to articles and to optimize them for search engines. So when customers go searching, they get their answers right away. The key to running a great knowledge base lies in making sure it has everything the users need, and keeping things up to date. Users can add, edit and search/view his own articles.


News App provides a layout that allows visitors to find the content that they are looking for. The more content that is published, the bigger the challenge this becomes. The news style layouts display excerpts, headlines, and links to full content. App includes category those excerpts to make it easier for visitors to find specific content.

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It is an online bookstore, with Paypal you are getting a complete fully-functional, professional, completely customizable eCommerce. Customizable look and feel, Integration with existing databases, Enhanced product listing with pictures and descriptions, Inventory management, Orders and payments processing (Paypal, credit cards, checks), Easy check-out process, Account management for the customers, Total administrative access to the website.

Real Estate

Simplified process for acquiring an attractive, complete and mobile friendly real estate web site that is engaging and yet simple to manage. Our easy to use administrative tools are included with our Real Estate website solution. It provides sale of a commercial or residential property or a brokerage service that depends on connecting buyers and sellers, real estate App is opening up great opportunities of business success for real estate agents.


Sporting App is designed to build and maintain sport events listings.

Users can enter games schedule, teams standings and game results.

Guest users can search/view team standings and schedule.


It is designed to build vacation house listings. It save time and money by comparing properties from the world’s top rental. It provides the best place to search, compare, and book the perfect vacation rental for your next trip. Luxury condos in major cities, furnished beach houses, ski cabins and the widest variety of unique accommodation can be found on your site. Filter by location, price, number of bedrooms, number of guests, etc. to customize your search. Get the best deal possible with the least amount of hassle.


Sample of Lightweight Multilingual Web applications (in PHP, JavaScript and HTML) integrated with google map with wide range of database support, based on relational database structure such as:

Maintenance apps with manpower history, Multistore Warehouse Inventory Control,  etc.



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